New / Featured Games

Transformers Human Alliance

Join the battle with the Autobots against the Decepticon across America, Europe and Africa in this new action packed game.

Crossy Road

How well can you cross the road? Guide the chicken or the duck to go as far as you can in this fun game. Go through difficult obstacles and win tickets in the process.

Jurassic Park Arcade

Go through the park and battle with different dinosaurs in this shooting game. Tag a partner along to help you in this mission.


Chomp your heart out with this classic Pacman Game. Go through the maze and eat as many pellets you can while avoiding the ghosts. Win tickets as you advance in the game.

Deadstorm Pirates

Be a pirate and blast away your enemies with your pistols and use cannons to sink ships in the ocean. Have fun in this pirate adventure located at various Timezone outlets.

Maximum Tune 5

Be part of the story of Maximum Tune by racing against various rivals in this car racing game. Gain experience to level up and customize your own ride.

Extreme Coaster

Enter into another realm with the Extreme 360° Coaster. This state of the art simulator ride brings you thrilling adventures through virtual reality.

Tekken 7

Exclusive to Timezone Philippines, 60 units of Tekken 7 have been released to 20 Timezone Centers.

Flying Tickets

Fly through obstacles and win tickets through this fun and engaging game.

Wizard of Oz

Collect cards and chips and convert them to tickets! Wizard of Oz game features the different character cards of Wizard of Oz. Get the card and have it instantly converted to tickets. Collect all 7 and get additional bonus tickets.

Snap Shot 2

Capture your moments and have fun with your photo with fun photo effects and filters with the Snap Shot 2. The machine also brags of its online feature that enables customer to post their photos on their Instagram page.